Online Applications

An explosion of digital content is now occurring, driven by media-based online applications for consumers and enterprise users alike. The scope of data storage and management problems created by these applications will dramatically change not only the requirements but also the expectations of today’s IT experts. By one estimate (1), over 35 Million petabytes of data will be generated by 2020, a 35 fold increase over today’s levels, but with only a 1.4 fold increase in the number of people available to manage this growth.

Some of the largest multi-petabyte data storage requirements are generated by applications in these categories, including digital imaging, online video, music (MP3), search, social networking, e-commerce, data backup, banking and personal finance, and document sharing. From a data management and storage perspective, this category of online applications creates a dramatically different set of needs:

  • Support for massive numbers of concurrent online users (thousands to millions)
  • Continuous data availability & reliability with extremely low downtime (24x7x365 up-time)
  • Seamless growth and scalability to support hundreds 100’s of Petabytes of storage
  • Ability to manage Petabytes of storage with minimal administrator intervention
  • Do all of this at an extremely low cost of ownership for the infrastructure

The AmpliStor Object-based Software Defined Storage Solution has been purpose-built to address the needs of online applications, and provides key benefits for the large-scale data requirements unique to these applications.