Himalaya Service Provider and OEM Data Sheet


Amplidata’s Himalaya(TM) Service Provider and OEM Edition software is versatile platform for massively-scalable, secure and flexible storage services and solutions. With Himalaya, you have the freedom to offer customers trillions of stored objects – 50+ exabytes of data – with more than 15 nines of data durability.


Himalaya Enterprise Edition Data Sheet

HEE-DS-070114Amplidata’s Himalaya(TM) Enterprise Edition software gives you unprecedented control over your data. It was built from the ground up to deliver easy access to trillions of stored objects – 50+ exabytes of data – with more than 15 nines of data durability from our patented BitSpread®, BitDynamics®, and GeoSpread technologies.


AmpliStor System Data Sheet

AmpliStor-System-Datasheet-v1-0314Amplidata’s AmpliStor Object-based Software Defined Storage system provides a complete data storage solution for Exabyte-scale, Big Data. The system is built on a scalable architecture that can grow performance and capacity dynamically, while providing high-levels of data durability, storage efficiency, performance at a very low total cost of ownership.


AS36 & AS48 Storage Nodes

AS36-AS48-Datasheet-v1-0314AmpliStor AS36 & AS48 Storage Node – provide industry-leading density with 36TB and 48TB raw capacity in a 1U rack-mount server enclosure. As the storage component of the AmpliStor Object-based Software Defined Storage System, the Storage Node is designed to provide a high-density, power-efficient storage.


Solution Briefs

A New Class of Storage for Cloud-Enabled Data Centers

Amplidata Avere Joint Solution Brief

Amplidata and Avere Systems have redefined high performance massively scalable storage by combining Amplidata’s Himalaya™ with Avere FlashCloud™ on FXT Series Edge filers. Enterprises can now have a cost effective solution that offers the best of both worlds – superior performance with massively scalable and durable storage in a single global namespace.


Life Sciences Solution Brief

Amplidata-Life-Sciences-Solution-Brief-062014The pace of change in life sciences is staggering as new technology allows researchers to see and do things never before possible. Laboratory instruments such as multi-dimensional microscopy, functional MRI, and DNA sequencers generate terabytes of data each, adding up to petabyte-scale storage requirements. DNA sequencing has seen dramatic proliferation due to a rapid reduction in cost.


Oil and Gas Solution Brief

Big dAmplidata-Oil-&-Gas-Solution-Brief-062014ata is the lifeblood of the oil & gas industry. It is a simple fact that “quality equals volume” for example: new 3D seismic imagery requires 10X the amount of storage capacity of standard seismic imagery. The question all HPC managers are dealing with is “How do I balance the need to spend money on the latest interpretation and visualization applications that help drive revenue versus the need to expand storage capacity to store the massive amounts of data?


Video Surveillance Solution Brief


Organizations are increasingly turning to IP-based video surveillance technologies to better monitor and protect people buildings and critical infrastructure. The trend towards higher video resolution and longer data retention are driving capacity requirements dramatically higher – increasing overall system cost and complexity.


Transitioning to a True Digital Library

Amplidata Digital Library Solution Brief Final v1_thumbBig Data is playing an increasingly larger role in how businesses of all sizes across all industries grow revenue and improve operational efficiency. Users are demanding more access to big data sources and IT organizations need a plan to manage access to these information sources.


Building Affordable Scalable Storage Infrastructures

Building Affordable Scalable Storage Infrastructures Handout_thumbThe need to cost effectively store large amounts of data for long periods of time, in some cases forever, has never been greater. Organizations that offer online application, online storage and long term archives are all trying to build affordable, scalable storage infrastructures.


Big Unstructured Data Archives

Big Unstructured Data 20122_thumbToday, many mainstream businesses realize that there is unparalleled value in storing and maintaining very large and essentially unbounded volumes of unstructured data. Big unstructured data takes all shapes based on specific industries.


Avalanche of Data from 3D Digital Cinema, HFR, and UHDTV

Amplidata HFR UHDTV Case Study_thumb

As digital cinema replaces film workflows, film and video makers are looking for new ways to enhance their story telling. The most notable technologies are 3D high frame rate (HFR) digital cinema and 4k capture.


Active Archives for Media and Entertainment

Active Archive 20122_thumbWhile the adoption of disk storage systems for backups has successfully occurred, long-term electronic data archives are still largely maintained on magnetic tape.


Building the Bridge to Tape With Scalable Storage Infrastructures

Building the Bridge To Tape With Scaleable Storage Infrastructures Handout_thumbMedia and Entertainment (M&E) IT departments and those within organizations trying to process massive amounts of analytical data, also known as “Big Data”, have something in common. They have to store massive capacities of information and keep it as close to online as possible.


Case Studies

Verizon Himalaya Case Study

Verizon Case Study 061114

Verizon was looking to add object storage capabilities to its list of enterprise cloud services. After evaluating existing and planned offerings from the industry’s largest storage companies, they chose Amplidata.  Learn more about the process and implementation.

Sakura Internet Cloud Service

sakura_Internet_thumb To meet expanding demand in Japan for high-capacity cloud archiving, backup, and content delivery, Sakura Internet is deploying a large object store using storage software from Amplidata and Intel® Xeon® processor-based hardware from Quanta QCT.


EPFL Montreux Jazz Festival

Customer Success Story Montreux Jazz_thumb

Data archiving is traditionally seen as a tedious, time and money consuming process. But companies are starting to understand the value of their archived data. For companies to exploit their data archives, those archives need to be easily accessible.


White Papers

Intel Object Storage Reference Design

Intel-Cloud-Builders_Amplidata_Quanta_2012_thumbThis paper outlines a reference architecture for a large object storage cloud infrastructure that integrates key “scale-out,” autonomous management, and high-durability data protection technologies. The architecture consists of AmpliStor software services hosted on two tiers of Intel-based servers from Quanta.

AmpliStor Performance Validation Report

Amplidata-eXtreme-Performance-A-1_thumbAmplidata’s Amplistor scale-­out object storage system establishes a new standard for object storage performance and data protection.  The system routinely delivered just under 3 Gigabytes per second of sustained aggregate throughput from a single system.



The Impending RAID Catastrophe

The RAID Catastrophe_thumbIn the current age of stored data exponential growth, RAID technology is quickly hitting its limitations. Data loss events are becoming more frequent. More disturbing is that the size of the loss is expanding. There is a direct correlation to RAID's shortcomings.



Revolutionary Methods to Handle Data Durability for Big Data

revolutionary_methods_thumbThe growth in unstructured data is pushing the limits of data center scalability at the same time that disk drive vendors are pushing the limits of data density at tolerable device level bit error rates (BER). For organizations delivering Cloud-hosted services will be a primary concern.



EPFL Builds Disk-­based Video Archive for Legendary Montreux Jazz Festival

EPFL Amplidata White Paper_thumbOne organization that definitely understands the value of their “archive” is Montreux Sounds, which preserve the Montreux Jazz Festival archives. More than 5,000 hours of concerts have been recorded since the inception of the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967.



ESG on why Object Storage is Essential to be Agile and Competitive

Optimized Object Storage for Big Data

Jazz Montreux Live Video ArchiveJazz Montreux Live Video Archive

Object Storage for Big Data

Amplidata and the post-RAID era

Active Archives

Online Applications