Amplidata’s Himalaya Powers the Next Generation of NAS

Transition From NAS Is Inevitable and Achievable Organizations relying on legacy NAS are stuck between an inefficient strategy to handle their rapidly expanding data and the need to extend their investments in storage and applications. They are asking for a way to quickly add reliable, affordable storage without dismantling their existing infrastructure and applications or creating […]

EPFL Chooses Himalaya for Montreux Jazz Festival Footage

EPFL, Switzerland’s world-class technical institute, purchased and installed a storage system based on Amplidata’s Himalaya software to meet the needs new applications that enrich the lives of music lovers around the world. Its Himalaya-based object storage system is being used to create and deliver innovative uses for the archive and live recordings from the Montreux Jazz Festival, […]

Amplidata Innovation Turns Data Into Power

IT executives are tasked to optimize their budget while maximizing the business value of data, for current use cases as well as future monetization and analysis. Running a business with sub-optimal enterprise storage and access strategies results in significant opportunity costs, as companies fail to develop the capabilities needed to innovate, please customers and seize new markets.

A New Class of Storage for Cloud Enabled Data Centers

CIOs and IT managers are experiencing sticker shock with escalating cost and complexity as unstructured data grows more than 40 percent per year, yet overall IT budgets are increasing at only 5 percent. While NAS-based systems prevail, there is increased risk of data loss when using the current large multi-terabyte hard drives with the underlying RAID technology.