Himalaya – Storage Redefined

Big Data is playing an increasingly larger role in how businesses of all sizes across all industries grow revenue and improve operational efficiency. Users are demanding access to big data sources and IT organizations need a plan to manage it. The volume, velocity and variety of big data is exploding and challenging the viability of traditional storage technology like RAID. CIOs and IT Managers are experiencing sticker shock with escalating cost and complexity.  Unstructured data is growing at >40% per year, yet overall IT budgets are increasing at only 5%, leaving a substantial gap in needed resources.

Amplidata has addressed these and other storage challenges with Himalaya, software defined storage software that delivers unbreakable durability, infinite, scalability, and extreme efficiency.  It has a modular architecture with a fully abstracted software stack that is optimized for commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) Intel-based hardware. Himalaya protects data with >15 nines of durability, is modular, scalable, flexible, and highly automated to significantly improve CapEx and OpEx. It is also a system that is safe and secure in your datacenter at fraction of the cost of traditional storage systems.  AmpliStor is ideal for deployments from 100s of Terabytes to Exabytes to Zettabytes with literally no limit.


A key part of Amplidata’s Object-based Software Defined Storage Platform is the patented Bitspread® technology.  It delivers unbreakable durability at greater than 15 nines and can tolerate up to 19 simultaneous hardware failures (two for RAID 6) with no data loss. With GeoSpread, an entire datacenter can become unavailable or destroyed without loss or access to your data. That’s pretty amazing compared to RAID and a must have for Big Data.

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Himalaya’s intelligent multi-threaded grid architecture connected with a 10GbE/1GbE fabric, allows performance and capacity to be scaled independently and automatically by simply adding more nodes. Performance scales linearly with patented algorithms optimized for Intel CPUs running in commercial-off-the-shelf hardware. The system is ideal for deployments of all sizes, from 100s of Terabytes to Exabytes to Zettabytes.
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All aspects of the Himalaya platform have been designed to deliver extreme efficiency with a high degree of automation and parallelism. It uses 60% less capacity than traditional replicated systems and delivers the same or better Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), and 10,000 times higher data durability. Patented BitDynamics technology performs continuous data integrity audit and repair with no degradation in performance or access to the data.
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Himalaya is easy to integrate into existing environments as it supports all major interfaces including, NFS, CIFS, S3 and REST. Data is accessed via a locality aware, unlimited global namespace. Any number of namespaces can be created with different attributes and policies for each. To further accelerate performance, intelligent local caching is possible at each location and the system is fully secure with end-to-end security, authentication, and encryption.
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Key Features

  Easy Integration

  Global Namespace

  15 Nines Data Durability

  No Single Point of Failure

  Infinite Scalability

  Ultra Fast Self-Healing

  Non-disruptive Upgrades

  Single Pane Management

  Much Lower TCO