Himalaya Service Provider and OEM Edition

Amplidata’s Himalaya(TM) Service Provider and OEM Edition software is versatile platform for massively-scalable, secure and flexible storage services and solutions. With Himalaya, you have the freedom to offer customers trillions of stored objects – hundreds of exabytes of data – with more than 15 nines of data durability. Himalaya Service Provider and OEM Edition also comes with a rich set of management features, making it easy to meet monitoring, metering and billing needs as well as the storage flexibility demands of your clients. From multi- tenancy to non-disruptive changes in storage configurations, Himalaya easily adapts to the immediate needs of users without having to touch the hardware or the data. Himalaya’s patented, advanced BitSpread® data protection and BitDynamics® data integrity and repair technology dramatically reduce required capacity and operational overhead. Further, Himalaya runs on Intel-based commercial off the shelf hardware for reliable performance on the hardware of your choice.

3D Elastic Scalability means Himalaya can scale the following:

  1. Add scale servers and cloud services gateways for additional global data access and an elastically scalable global namespace
  2. Increase capacity dynamically by adding one or more storage nodes
  3. Scale IO throughput linearly with any number of additional high performance controller nodes

Further, Himalaya takes full advantage of gains in each new generation of processor technology – without any changes to the rest of your system.

Himalaya Service Provider and OEM Data Sheet


Zettabyte global object namespace capacity
Trillions of objects per system and per bucket
Unlimited buckets per system
Ability to scale capacity, performance and global namespace online
Flexible policy supports multiple durability levels in single system
Policy updates on-line to tune durability per bucket
Built-in disaster prevention with multi-Geo support
Rateless erasure coding with patented BitSpread Technology
BitDynamics data integrity, audit and repair technology
100’s MB/s single stream performance
Linear scalable aggregate performance
Small file performance optimization
Enterprise class consistency across data and metadata
Multi Geo
Native synchronous multi-geo support
WAN latency performance optimization
Granular capacity / bandwidth / transactions
Distributed collection and aggregation
Export to billing & chargeback systems
QoS: Support for multiple SLA
Network SSL/TSL
Data AES256 encryption, public key management
Compliance: audit log, retention, shredding
Web: S3
LDAP authentication
Easy to use global GUI
Automated installation and rolling upgrades
Routed/Bridged network support
SNMP Traps and MIB
Email event notification and daily call home
Hardware Support
Optimized for the latest Intel-based COTS hardware
HDD/SSD hot swap
HDD fail in place without degrading performance
Hardware abstraction templates
Degraded disk prediction & detection
Automated disk decommissioning