Himalaya Enterprise Edition

Amplidata’s Himalaya™ Enterprise Edition software gives you unprecedented control over your data. It was built from the ground up to deliver easy access to trillions of stored objects – zettabytes of data – with more than 15 nines of data durability from our patented BitSpread®, BitDynamics®, and GeoSpread technologies. Himalaya Enterprise Edition also comes with a rich set of management features, making it easy to meet the needs of your internal clients. From multi-tenancy to non-disruptive changes in storage configuration and allocation, Himalaya easily adapts to the immediate needs of your organization without having to touch the hardware or the data.

Himalaya Enterprise Edition Data Sheet


Exabyte global object namespace capacity
Trillions of objects per system
Trillions of objects per bucket
Unlimited buckets per system
Ability to scale capacity, performance and global namespace online
Flexible online policy creation minimizes administrative burdens
Built-in disaster prevention with multi-Geo support
Rateless erasure coding with patented BitSpread Technology
BitDynamics data integrity, audit and repair Technology
High availability metadata clusters
100’s MB/s single stream performance
Linear scalable aggregate performance
Small file performance optimization
Multi Geo
Native synchronous multi-geo support
WAN latency performance optimization
Provides multi-Geo network security
Data encryption in motion (AES-256)
Data encryption at rest (AES-256)
Easy to use GUI
Management server HA failover
Automated installation ad rolling upgrades
Routed/Bridged network support
SNMP traps and MIB
Email event notification and daily call home email
Hardware Support
Supports Intel-based Commercial Off The Shelf
HDD/SSD hot swap
HDD fail in place without degraded performance
Hardware abstraction templates
Degraded disk prediction & detection