EPFL Chooses Himalaya for Montreux Jazz Festival Footage

École_Polytechnique_Fédérale_de_Lausanne_logo.svgEPFL, Switzerland’s world-class technical institute, purchased and installed a storage system based on Amplidata’s Himalaya software to meet the needs new applications that enrich the lives of music lovers around the world. Its Himalaya-based object storage system is being used to create and deliver innovative uses for the archive and live recordings from the montreux-jazz-festival1Montreux Jazz Festival, hosted annually by the school’s Lake Geneva neighbor.

The new media delivery applications driven in part by Himalaya include:

  • A live streaming application: at the end of each festival day, the digitized music is added to the archive by moving the files into the data center via a 10Gb dedicated line
  • A live streaming application for festival attendees to discover the archive on mobile platforms
  • A streaming application for visitors to the Montreux Jazz Festival cafés around the world that allow visitors at each table to listen to any session without bothering other patrons listening to other sessions, or using headsets

As Alain Dufaux of EPFL said in the press release, “we first turned to Amplidata when we recognized the need to preserve these recordings on something more available than tape. Now that we have Himalaya, we are stretching the boundaries of technology to deliver new ways to consume the media.”