Object Storage Redefined

Unbreakable Durability

Greater than 15 nines data durability with no single point of failure


Infinite Scalability

From Petabytes to Exabytes at 10’s of GB/s, by simply adding nodes


Extreme Efficiency

60% less capacity vs. replication, self healing and ultra fast repairs


Seamless Integration

NFS, CIFS, S3 support with many locality aware global namespaces


Join our Webinar on March 19

Control Big Data Storage Costs with Cloud-Scale Economics

Speakers: Benjamin S. Woo, Neuralytix, Inc.;  Mark Ward, Amplidata;  Jeff Tabor, Avere

Utilizing next generation NAS technology can provide enterprises with a highly cost efficient way to bridge the gap between legacy and cloud storage options. In this session, a panel of experts will discuss top questions about the planning, implementation, and management of adopting a hybrid cloud for “big data” use cases.

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